Tribute – The Story

Several people have asked now where Tribute came from as they had never heard of it before, so here is the story of Tribute…

When the CMT committee were looking at the next show following the success of the November fund raiser we thought an “in between” show would be better than a full blown production, something “in between” the November fundraiser and a full show. It was Ashling that came up with the outline idea of the show that was to become Tribute.

The title refers to not only the projectionist that is paying tribute to all his old favourite movies, but also the show pays tribute to all those members of CMT that have sadly passed away over the years.

Ashling wrote the first act then Kim joined in the creative effort and wrote the second act. The overall dialogue was then tweaked by Kim and Stephen joined in to add his creative input for the arrangements and stage directions.

So Tribute is a unique production, written and arranged mainly by three members of the CMT committee: Ashling, Kim and Stephen. Thes rest of the cast and crew feel they have done a brilliant job between them coming up with a show that perfectly fits what we were looking for.

Please come along and support us, we are confident it will be a fun and enjoyable evenings entertainment.