Tribute! – A Roaring Success

What a fantastic time we had putting on our recent show – Tribute! We rehearsed long and hard, which as we were such a small cast meant a lot of effort was put in by all members of CMT.  We received such fantastic comments from our audiences, it truly overwhelmed us.  A particularly special review has been included on our NEWS page for you to read – it really meant an awful lot to us.  In fact, we received such high praise overall, that we are considering performing the show in a couple of other venues later in the summer, so we can bring our fantastic show to more audiences.  Watch this space!

We’d like to thank all the people who helped us off stage – the lighting, sound, stage management, front of house, printing, painting, computer skills, the raffle prizes, the bar staff and all those who gave us their precious time and loaned us costumes or props; we appreciate all of you immensely. We really couldn’t do it without you!

I’d like to offer my own personal gratitude to all the cast members, who really stepped up to the mark for the performances; you were all stars in your own right and made me and CMT very proud.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with you all.  I’d like to also to say a big thank-you to Stephen Chadd, who directed the show and made mine and Ashling Smiths’ writing come to life. If you’d like to see the committee members of the society, have a look at the tab ABOUT US – the committee, above.  I will shortly be adding some photos from the show to the website, so keep checking back for those.

So we have just about recovered from the performances and it is now time to consider what we are going to do in the future.  We will definitely be producing another unique show at the end of the year and would love to see you all there, either as audience, on stage cast or off stage helpers.  If you would like to join us as a cast member or helper, please contact us via the CONTACT US tab above. Whether old or new, novice or experienced, we’d love to hear from you.

Look forward to seeing you all soon,

Kim Wilcox x

Kim Wilcox

Hi, my name is Kim and I first joined CMT for 'Anything Goes' in 1999. Since then I've learned many more things than I ever did at school! I've co-written and co-directed 'When We Were Young', 'Tribute' and 'All Kinds of Everything', and been assistant director for 'Cowardy Custard', I've performed in countless shows and painted more scenery than I care to mention. I've sewn what seems like miles of curtaining, mended an elephants trunk (!) made 22 gymslips and 2 Beefeater costumes for stilt-walkers, made props galore and designed scenery for many shows. I've also helped out with scenery painting for other theatre groups as well. I've recently written a musical show which I'm hoping to showcase with CMT at some point. I also won a NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) award for the Best Programme with 'Hello Dolly' and runner-up for 'Oklahoma'. I'd say if you're looking for something different to do with your evenings rather than watch TV, amateur theatre is a marvellous place to do it. Take the plunge, you'll meet lots of new friends and learn new skills. And you don't need to be on the stage to enjoy yourself, there's plenty of other things to do. Come on, join us today!