November Show 2016 “Let’s all go to the Music Hall!

We are proud to present our first November Show since the re launch of CMT – an old favourite – a Music Hall Extravaganza!! Tickets will be on sale from 10th November via this website, or by calling 01844 223355 and will be £8 per head, including a ploughmans supper. This is a fundraising event for us, so that we will be able to keep the momentum going and hopefully put on bigger and better shows, year upon year. Please show you support by coming along and joining in with some of the old greats. And we’ve added our own special version of The Nativity, which many of you will remember as being great fun; it’s been updated and we’re sure you’ll find it as funny as ever. Please sing along with us and if you are brave enough, dress up for the occasion – we’d love to see you dressed in your finery of the Victorian age! There will also be a licensed bar for your delectation! Cheers!!

Kim Wilcox

Hi, my name is Kim and I first joined CMT for 'Anything Goes' in 1999. Since then I've learned many more things than I ever did at school! I've co-written and co-directed 'When We Were Young', 'Tribute' and 'All Kinds of Everything', and been assistant director for 'Cowardy Custard', I've performed in countless shows and painted more scenery than I care to mention. I've sewn what seems like miles of curtaining, mended an elephants trunk (!) made 22 gymslips and 2 Beefeater costumes for stilt-walkers, made props galore and designed scenery for many shows. I've also helped out with scenery painting for other theatre groups as well. I've recently written a musical show which I'm hoping to showcase with CMT at some point. I also won a NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) award for the Best Programme with 'Hello Dolly' and runner-up for 'Oklahoma'. I'd say if you're looking for something different to do with your evenings rather than watch TV, amateur theatre is a marvellous place to do it. Take the plunge, you'll meet lots of new friends and learn new skills. And you don't need to be on the stage to enjoy yourself, there's plenty of other things to do. Come on, join us today!