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New Year, New Show!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and that 2017 brings you everything you desire.  We’ve had a few short weeks break from rehearsing and performing out last show – Let’s all go to the Music Hall – which was extremely successful and well received, so we’re hoping that you’ve now recharged your batteries and will be joining us again for our next show – Tribute!  We will begin rehearsals on January 10th at Chinnor Village Hall and we’re sure that you will enjoy this show as much, if not more, than the last one.  We have endeavoured to find a song for everyone to sing, whether it be a solo, duet, trio, quartet or general chorus number.  There will be some movement as well as a couple of dances, but don’t worry, there won’t be anything too difficult.  We look forward to seeing you all again at the first rehearsal, so come along, have fun and work off some of that weight you’ve put on over Christmas!!

See you there,

Kim xx

November Show 2016 “Let’s all go to the Music Hall!

We are proud to present our first November Show since the re launch of CMT – an old favourite – a Music Hall Extravaganza!! Tickets will be on sale from 10th November via this website, or by calling 01844 223355 and will be £8 per head, including a ploughmans supper. This is a fundraising event for us, so that we will be able to keep the momentum going and hopefully put on bigger and better shows, year upon year. Please show you support by coming along and joining in with some of the old greats. And we’ve added our own special version of The Nativity, which many of you will remember as being great fun; it’s been updated and we’re sure you’ll find it as funny as ever. Please sing along with us and if you are brave enough, dress up for the occasion – we’d love to see you dressed in your finery of the Victorian age! There will also be a licensed bar for your delectation! Cheers!!

Hugh MacKay – joining us for our November Show

We have a new pianist – Hugh Mackay!

We are lucky enough to have drafted our old friend Hugh Mackay to help us with the piano rehearsals for our Old Time Music Hall show for November 2016. We have worked with him many times before; he is a very experienced pianist and will make a massive difference to our rehearsals.  Hugh will be joining us on our fihughrst Thursday rehearsal on 27th October.  I’m sure you’ll all join with me in welcoming Hugh back to our family!


curtain with hand

Well we’re over the half way stage of our workshops now and I have to say a big ‘Well Done’ to all of you lovely people that have come along and taken part.  For me, it’s reminded me just how much I have missed the whole CMT experience and how I’m so glad we took the risk to try to revive the group again.  We have found some really lovely people, and some very talented new friends, who are coming together to make a great team.  We have covered some really difficult songs and I urge you all to not give up – being part of musical theatre is all about hard work and the more you put into it, the better it becomes.  The amount of progress you have all made is outstanding.  Keep working hard – it will always be worth it in the end.

Don’t forget that we will be back in September for rehearsals for our first end of year show, where we will be adding a lot of extra activities.  There will be a chance for you to take part in as much or as little as you want; not just singing in the chorus, but solos, duets, quartets – any combination you can think of.  There will definitely be some acting, a lot of comedy and some movement, so please let me know to what level you would like to take part.  There are always a lot of songs, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for you to shine.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in taking part, either on stage or backstage, let me know, I’ll find a place for them somewhere and make them feel welcome.  Let’s get CMT back to the wonderful theatre group it used to be; something you can take pride in.

So after tonight (28th June) we will have two more rehearsals.  I urge you to enjoy them as much as you can, by the last week we will be sounding amazing!  And you’ll definitely miss it once it’s over, I can guarantee it!

Kim x

Definitely not hum-drum!

web recruitment leaflet start up

Come and join in the fun! Chinnor Musical Theatre are pleased to present a series of workshop style taster sessions. Starting on 7th June @ 7:30 at Chinnor Village Hall until mid July. We will be taking you through some singing, a little movement and some acting exercises. So don’t sit at home every night, come along and help us build our society to the wonderful group we know it can be again!

First taster session FREEsubsequent sessions £2.50

email: if you require further details.

All Welcome!



Welcome to the shiny new website of CMT.

We have been on a break, but we’re back now and determined to be the best we can be. We’ve got lots in the pipeline, kicking off with a free taster session for all our new members in June. We will be running weekly sessions, on a Tuesday, so you can meet each other and join in with some singing, acting and dancing (or in my case – moving about a bit!).   These will run until the end of the school year in July, when we will have a break – but fear not – we’ll be back again in September to start rehearsals for a show at the end of the year!

Watch this space for dates and times.  We are just confirming our rehearsal space so keep a look out on the website for that too. As we’ve had a break, we’ve decided to do things a little differently than previously, so please bear with us while we sort the kinks out. it’ll be worth the wait. This web site will become an important portal into the wonderful world of musical theatre, so keep checking back to see what is happening.  We can’t wait to welcome you to our friendly group and share all our years of experience with you.

Thanks for visiting!

CMT Reloaded!

After a dormant period, CMT are reloading!

We are holding an informal singing club soon, dates to be confirmed shortly. Anyone interested in joining us, whether beginner or pro, or anything in between, please get in touch. Everyone is welcome.